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UC Davis Scientists Develop Waterproof Fabric That Drains Away Sweat

Photo by Shutterstock Summer heat waves are around the corner, and so to are baskets of sweaty, smelly laundry. Scientists at UC Davis have invented a fabric that may help to combat the…

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Cornell Student Develops Clothing That Traps Toxic Gases, Odors

Say goodbye to the bulky, duckbilled respirators of yore. Gas masks of the future will be as thin as cloth, according to textile scientists at Cornell University. Senior apparel-design…

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Howies' Water-Resistant Epic Drover Jeans Keep Cyclists Dry Rain or Shine

There are few sensations more wretched than the feeling of sopping-wet, freezing-cold denim weighing down on your thighs. But no amount of fist-shaking at the skies will circumvent…

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Uniqlo's HeatTech Clothing Creates Heat From Your Sweat

We can’t all afford $750 solar-powered jackets to keep us toasty when the mercury takes a swan dive, but when the alternative is to bundle up with more layers than an…

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