temporary tattoos

Inkbox's 100 Percent Organic Temporary Tattoos Support Indigenous Livelihoods

Want to get inked but not ready for a lifelong commitment? Temporary tattoos are not only inexpensive and ouch-free, but they also fade into nothingness in a matter of days. For those…

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Moto X Owners Can Unlock Their Phones With a Digital Tattoo

Digital tattoos will soon be de rigueur to improve our calls, WiFi signals and now to unlock our phones. Silicon Valley firm, Vivalnk has partnered with Motorola to offer up temporary…

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Would You Pay $120 for a Temporary Tattoo Made From 24K Gold?

Dior has a limited-edition collection of temporary tattoos that’s definitely not for the kiddies. Derived from 24-karat gold leafing, the the jewelry-like “Grand Bal”…

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Temporary Tattoo Project Benefits Homeless, Abused Children in Kenya

Can getting inked—albeit temporarily—help a disadvantaged child all the way in Africa? It can with the Temporary Tattoo Project, a creative endeavor to raise money for Kenya’s…

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