Terra New York

7 Eco-Friendly Raincoats to Weather April Showers

CAPED CRUSADER Designed by the Providence-based company that bears the same name, Cleverhood is a high-performance rain cape manufactured in the Northeast from waterproof yet breathable…

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10 Emerging Eco-Designers at the Designers & Agents Green Room

SUSAN WOO Made in New York City’s Garment District, Susan Woo’s eponymous womenswear comprises organic cotton dobby, cellulose-derived Tencel and Enka viscose, silk crepe de…

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14 Eco-Friendly Raincoats for Tackling April Showers in Style

INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH Stutterheim’s unisex raincoat isn’t just a classic Swedish design, it’s also handmade in one of the nation’s few remaining textile factories.…

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Terra New York: Chic, PVC-Free Raincoats That Degrade in a Landfill

HIGH AND DRY Yurika Nakazono and Marie Saeki founded the label after a search for sleek, commuter-friendly rain gear proved fruitless. Facing Gotham’s less-than-predictable…

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