"Breadline" Clothing Line Highlights U.K.'s Hidden Hunger Crisis

Have you always tied together your passion for fashion and social causes? My family is very creative, caring, and concerned about people and the environment, which has had a massive…

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U.K Clothing Industry Commits to Measure, Report Environmental Impact

Two dozen of Britain’s leading apparel retailers, charity shops, and clothing recyclers have pledged to measure and report the waste, water, and carbon footprints of their wares,…

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More Brands, Retailers Commit to Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety

Holy domino effect! Following examples set by H&M, Inditex, Primark, and C&A on Monday, a number of North American and European clothing brands have agreed to sign a legally…

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Goodone Launches Upcycled Fashion Collection for Tesco

Good by name, good by nature, Goodone is cozying up with Britain’s largest supermarket to spread the word on ethical fashion. Nin Castle’s four-year-old label teamed up with…

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Tesco Launches Recycled Clothing Line With From Somewhere

Could picking up sustainable clothing be as easy as cruising the dairy aisle? Maybe if Tesco has something to do with it. The British grocery-and-retail giant has tapped designers…

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