Textile Futures

"From Creatures" Explores Use of Fish Bones, Crustacean Shells in Jewelry

Fish bones, bivalve shells, crab and lobster carapaces, and other skeletal remains are typically grist for the compost or landfill, but why should they be? Moe Nagata, a graduate of…

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Top 7 Bizarre Eco-Fashion Stories of 2012 (Vote for the Weirdest!)

Want to do the time warp with us? Check out the most bizarre eco-fashion stories of 2011… …

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Compostable Jewelry Offers Sustainable Solution for Fickle Fashionistas

With the planet’s landfills groaning under the weight of our unchecked consumption, the ability to leave no trace behind has become a design selling point. Young Ju Do, a fashion…

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Urban Ladybug Kit Uses Textiles to Address Declining Insect Population

Bees receive most of the buzz for disappearing en masse, so it may come as a surprise that ladybugs are doing a vanishing act of their own, as well. Once a ubiquitous sight, the…

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"Recycling the Dead" Proposes Textile Products From Cremated Remains

BRING OUT YOUR DEAD “Salvage: Recycling the Dead” is more thought experiment than serious proposal, but it does suggest that we explore every possible avenue in a…

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Amy Pliszka Creates Expandable Textile "Hives" for Urban Bee Populations

OH BEEHAVE! To create her “bee brief,” Pliszka applied extensive research on honeybee biology and apiculture (a fancy word for beekeeping) to accommodate the insects’…

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