Studio Naenna Produces Stunning Handwoven Eco-Textiles in Thailand

Photos by Helen Morgan for Ecouterre Located in the rural outskirts of central Chiang Mai, Thailand, Studio Naenna work with local female artisans to make some truly beautiful fabrics.…

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Apoccas Makes Cruelty-Free Silk Scarves No Caterpillar Died For

Photos by Marisa Martchitelli Apoccas is a luxury fashion label that introduces artisanal peace silk scarves. “In Thailand, it is traded as ‘eri silk’,” says founder Alexandra…

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Awaveawake Pays Tribute to Thai Spice Markets at NY Fashion Week

Interviewing Awaveawake designer and stylist Jaclyn Hodes is like once again being at her Spring/Summer 2014 presentation at New York Fashion Week: one leaves dreaming of saturated…

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Is Southeast Asia the New Garment-Sweatshop Capital of the World?

Photo by Shutterstock Thousands of migrant workers in Southeast Asia suffer “dangerously negligent” wage and workplace standards in the name of affordable fashion, according…

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Grow Your Own Genetically Engineered Stingray-Leather Sneakers

SPLICE OF LIFE You don’t have to be a genetic scientist to wrangle your own phenotype. Rayfish uses a graphical user interface for would-be Doc Moreaus to drag and drop up to nine…

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A Royal Eco-Wedding, CoverGirl Goes Green, Westwood's Unwashed Ways

Forget a white wedding, says fashion journalist Tamsin Blanchard. Queen-to-be Kate should take a page from Prince Charles and opt for a local, green designer like Orsola de Castro,…

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