The True Cost

36 Eco-Fashion Predictions for 2016

ECO-FASHION ORACLES 1. Marie-Claire Daveu (Kering) 2. Simone Cipriani (Ethical Fashion Initiative) 3. Livia Firth (Eco-Age, Green Carpet Challenge) 4. Lewis Perkins (Cradle to Cradle…

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Honest By's Bruno Pieters: "Change Your Mind, Your Shopping List"

“The fact that solutions, real solutions, exist today and they are not being used. People are still giving reasons for not acting more responsibly. But part of my job is to let…

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Watch the Trailer for "The True Cost," a Film About Fashion's Dark Side

Think of The True Cost as the auteur equivalent of the glitter bomb. Set to launch simultaneously across multiple platforms on May 29, the Kickstarter-funded documentary is a bold and…

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Livia Firth: Fast Fashion is an "Evil Machine" of Exploitation

Photo by Featureflash/Shutterstock “Over the past two decades fashion has changed thanks to this new phenomenon called ‘fast fashion’ and now we have a situation…

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"The True Cost": A Documentary About the Clothing Industry's Impact

“Growing up I was told this very simple story about where our clothes come from,” Andrew Morgan, director of a new documentary, The True Cost, tells viewers in the opening…

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