thermochromatic fabrics

MIT Invents a Wearable Social Network That Helps You Break the Ice

Students from MIT are trying to create their own social network that relies less on virtual life and more on your personal connections. Social Textiles is way for people to connect…

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Alexander Wang Fetes Chameleon Fabrics at Fall 2014 NY Fashion Week

The outer boroughs aren’t your typical New York Fashion Week destination. Yet like a 21st-century Pied Paper, Alexander Wang drew the fashion cavalcade from its Lincoln Center…

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Pollution-Absorbing "PHNX" Garment Reacts to its Environment by Changing Color

Lauren Bowker’s beautiful PHNX fashion pieces transform from one color to the next, in reaction to the climate around them.  Using thermochromatic ink, the designer infused delicate…

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Thermochromic “Jack Frost” Scarf Reveals Snowflakes as Mercury Drops

No matter how frightful the weather outside gets, Diana Eng’s “Jack Frost” scarf will delight with snowflakes that magically appear as soon as temperatures drop. A…

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Chic Swine Flu Mask Changes Color When Your Temperature Rises

‘Tis the season for the flu, and if the regular strain wasn’t bad enough, we have a new, porcine terror to contend with. These brightly patterned medical face masks,…

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Levi's Cares, A Tee That Melts Ice Caps, Peace Cotton

Photo by flickrohit Levi’s adds new care tags that directs denim wearers to wash their jeans in cold water, line dry when possible, and send them to Goodwill instead of trashing…

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