thermoelectric accessories

Flexible "Glass Fabric" Arm Band Converts Body Heat Into Electricity

Your body is full of an underutilized energy potential that can be harnessed to power wearable technology and smart watches. A flexible arm band, developed by Korean researchers at…

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Top 7 Wearable Technology Concepts of 2012 (Vote for the Coolest!)

Hankering for more wearable innovations? Lose yourself in our archives

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"Power Felt" Charges Your Cellphone With Body Heat (And It Costs $1!)

No need to stay tethered to an electrical outlet or worry about your cellphone running out of juice; charging your smart device could soon require no more than a quick jog on the spot,…

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Thermoelectric Galoshes Charge Your Cellphone Using Heat From Your Feet

Here comes a different kind of hot-stepper: A pair of Wellington boots that convert heat from your feet into electricity. The kicker? You can store up enough juice to charge a…

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