thermoelectric fashion

Lightweight Wearable Tech Transforms Body Heat into Electricity

Imagine a future where working up a sweat not only does your body good, but it’ll also keep your favorite devices humming. That’s the goal of researchers at North Carolina…

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Flexible "Glass Fabric" Arm Band Converts Body Heat Into Electricity

Your body is full of an underutilized energy potential that can be harnessed to power wearable technology and smart watches. A flexible arm band, developed by Korean researchers at…

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Top 7 Wearable Technology Concepts of 2012 (Vote for the Coolest!)

Hankering for more wearable innovations? Lose yourself in our archives

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"Power Felt" Charges Your Cellphone With Body Heat (And It Costs $1!)

No need to stay tethered to an electrical outlet or worry about your cellphone running out of juice; charging your smart device could soon require no more than a quick jog on the spot,…

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Thermoelectric Galoshes Charge Your Cellphone Using Heat From Your Feet

Here comes a different kind of hot-stepper: A pair of Wellington boots that convert heat from your feet into electricity. The kicker? You can store up enough juice to charge a…

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