tire tubes

Urban Lace: Delicate Jewelry Crafted from Recycled Bike Inner Tubes

CYCLE CHIC Formerly known as Inner Beauty, the Portland, OR label had its genesis in 2006, when designer Barbi Touron began cutting inner tubes into crafty creations in her garage. It…

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Japanese Company Upcycles Scrap Tires Into Cool-Looking Sneakers, Bags

Keeping tires out of landfills is a tough job considering how many they are. (Multiply the number of cars on the road by four or in the case of large trucks, as much as 18.) Still, tire…

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Recycled Tire-Tube Backpack Inspired By Spiny, Bug-Eating Mammal

Handmade from recycled inner tubes, the hardcore-looking Pangolin Backpack by Cyclus derives its unconventional appearance from an insect-munching mammal with protective scales on its…

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