These Students Are the Future of Sustainable Fashion

Irene-Marie Seelig, Iciar Bravo Tomboly, Ana Pasalic, Agraj Jain, and Elise Comrie have plenty to wax triumphant about. On Monday evening, the five London College of Fashion students…

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Could Tobacco Be the Next Big Sustainable Dye?

Tobacco doesn’t have to be a drag, according to Elise Comrie, a Fashion Futures graduate student at the London College of Fashion. One of 10 finalists for the Kering Award for…

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Ploughboy Organics Turns Tobacco Waste Into Nontoxic Textiles, Dyes

Tobacco, as it turns out, is good for more than a smoke. According to one North Carolina company, the plant can also be harnessed as a sustainable, cost-effective resource for the…

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