toxic dyes

"RiverBlue" is an Upcoming Film That Explores the Dark Side of Denim

What is the fashion industry—and we humans, by extension—doing to the planet? There’s been a lot of talk about “fast fashion” in blogs and in the popular press and its impact…

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River in China Mysteriously Turns Blood Red Overnight

Residents of a city in eastern China are baffled after a river turned blood red, seemingly overnight. Locals from Wenzhou, a prefecture in the Zhejiang province, said the river looked…

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Inspired by Nature, Iridescent Cellulose Films Could Replace Toxic Dyes

Taking cues from hyper-pigmented reality, scientists are developing a coloration technique that produces vivid iridescent colors using wood pulp – the same stuff that is used to…

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Colombian Plant Fiber Rids Water of Harmful Textile Dyes in Minutes

Photo by Wikimedia Commons Textile dyes and other pollutants can kill waterways. The dyes are not only toxic, but they discolor the water enough to prevent plants and algae from getting…

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Swedish Student Turns Toxic Textile-Factory Effluent Into Clean Water

One of the least-glamorous aspects of the garment industry are the toxic chemicals used to dye textiles. Although support abounds for less-harmful dyes, along with stronger regulations…

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