INTERVIEW: Nudie Jeans is Changing the Culture of Denim Ownership

Nudie Jeans is changing the ownership model for denim jeans and providing best in class stewardship for transparency. The company is at the top of its class for providing information on…

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Zady's U.S.-Made Organic T-Shirt is the Epitome of Slow Fashion

When is a T-shirt more than just another T-shirt? For ethical e-tailer Zady, the perfect topper is one that is as beautiful as the journey it took to create it. The latest in its…

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Conventional Goose Down is "Scary Business," Says Patagonia

Alicia Silverstone isn’t the only one who thinks that conventional down is for the birds. An animated short from Patagonia will make you question what the pluck’s going on…

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Loomstate Touts Most "Transparent" Cotton T-Shirt in America

COTTONING ON Millions of pounds of cottonseed are incorporated into our favorite foods every year, Godfrey says. “People ask us almost every day, ‘Why should I care about organic…

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All American Clothing's "Traceable Jeans" Provide Proof of U.S. Origin

The idea of ‘Going local’ is growing ever more popular in the US fashion industry with consumers demanding to know where their clothes are manufactured. Now All American…

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Marks & Spencer is First Major Retailer to Commit to Full Traceability of Clothing, Home Goods

Marks & Spencer is the first major retailer to commit to full traceability of all non-food products, including clothing. In a deal signed with Historic Futures, a firm that…

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