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People Are Freaking Out About Baubax's 15-in-1 Travel Jacket

Rather than fumble for your ID, phone, and all your other travel essentials in your bag, it would be so much more convenient if you could keep them in your pockets. The BauBax jacket…

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JakToGo: Wearable Luggage That Helps You Avoid Baggage Fees

The next wave in wearables may not be something to do with technology, but could be to help the transport of goods. The JakToGo combines your carry-on and your jacket to let you take 10…

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Shape-Changing Hunting Jackets Embody Plight of Endangered Animals

HUNTER OR HUNTED? People have been wearing animal skins since time immemorial, Chhabra reminds us. Before the invention of khaki and camouflage, men donned tiger pelts and bearskins to…

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