VIDEO: Nestlé Fitness's "Tweeting Bra" Promotes Breast-Cancer Awareness

What would your bra say if it had a Twitter account (and would you care?) Greek celebrity Maria Bakodimou’s magenta bra has a special sparkly bird clasp, that sends out a tweet every…

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Nicole Scherzinger Lights Up London in CuteCircuit's First "Twitter Dress"

Never let it be said that Nicole Scherzinger doesn’t know how to dress for the occasion. The X Factor judge set London’s Battersea Power Station aglow on Thursday when she…

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Meet TshirtOS, a Programmable Tee That Displays Anything You Want

Your T-shirt has always doubled as your personal billboard, but why settle for a single, static statement every time you pull one on? Leave it to the wizards at CuteCircuit to pioneer…

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Made of Paper, Microsoft's "Printing Dress" Displays Tweets as Public Art

You’re probably familiar with the saying “you are what you eat,” but you are what you tweet? That’s the idea behind the “Printing Dress,” a high-tech…

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Singer Imogen Heap's "Twitter Dress" Takes Fans to the Grammys

Photo by Danny Moloshok/Reuters Love Twitter? You might be a Twitterholic if you’re compelled to tweet #everystepyoutake. Like @theGrammys.…from your dress. Case in point:…

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Shoes That Tweet (Yes, Really!)

You’ve MySpaced, Facebooked, Plurked, and Tumblred. Tweeting your life in 140 characters or less was only the next logical move. But if all this public posturing still rates as…

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