Sylvia Heisel Turns Eco-Technical Fabrics Into Street-Chic Clothing

Does recycling plastic sometimes feel like a chore? Heisel’s Tyvek mini-dress makes plastic’s life cycle fun. With its short hemline and geometric print, the dress is a stretch from…

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Sprout Watches: Cool Watches for a Cool Planet

Because your passion for eco-friendly products shouldn’t stop at fashion, Sprout Watches gives you an eco-timepiece to add to your green wardrobe. After 50 years of making…

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Hila Martuzana Translates Cycles of Nature Into Stunning Tyvek Dresses

TURN, TURN, TURN Although the pieces appear delicate, Tyvek is extremely durable. Pioneered by Dupont, the material is also moisture-, chemical-, and tear-resistant, which explains…

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Made With Living Plants, Wrk-Shp's Raincoat Grows With Every Downpour

Photos by Jordan Duvall Unless you’re a thirsty plant, getting caught in a rainstorm is almost never a good thing. But what if you could stay dry, help something grow, and make a…

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Pratt Graduate Turns Paper, Tyvek Into a Pleated Dress Fit for a Ballerina

Industrial designer (and trained mathematician) Li-Rong Liao has a yen for folding. Whether it’s paper, cardboard, Tyvek, or felt, the recent Pratt Institute graduate delights in…

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