Ohhio's Extremely Chunky Knits Are What Dreams Are Made of

KNIT’S MAGIC “We use only three things to create our amazing, dreamlike Ohhio clouds: our own hands, 100 percent merino wool, and, most importantly, inspiration,”…

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"Silent Scream" Mask Becomes Symbol of Ukraine's Fight for Freedom

A mask designed to shield activists from airborne debris, gas attacks, and persecution has become a powerful symbol of Ukraine’s struggle for freedom of speech. Created by Ogilvy…

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Ukrainian Carpenter Carves Functioning Watches Entirely From Wood

Danevych’s amazing idea took time to take shape. The carpenter – who comes from a family of craftsmen – had no watchmaking training at all, but after studying the…

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Bernhard Burkard's Fabric Hanger Marries Swiss, Ukrainian Traditions

Who decreed that hangers had to limited to plastic, metal, or wood? Swiss design studio Bernhard Burkard went against the grain—so to speak—when they devised a lightweight,…

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