ultraviolet rays

Stretchy Sensors Could Create Clothes That Detect Toxic Gases, UV Radiation

Early detection plays a critical role in saving lives, whether that is in industrial settings where workers could be exposed to toxic gases or even normal people out in the sun exposed…

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UV-Monitoring Bracelet Warns You When You've Had Enough Sun

Photo by Shutterstock No need to wait for your skin to blister before you realize it’s time to retreat into the shade. Scientists from the University of Strathclyde have invented…

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Strawberries Could Protect Your Skin Against Ultraviolet Radiation

Photo by Shutterstock Strawberries aren’t just a delicious fruit, they could also protect your skin from the DNA-ravaging effects of ultraviolet rays. In a joint study by…

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Sunscreen in a Pill? Coral-Reef Secret Could Make It Available in Five Years

Never mind the goopy, streaky mess that sunblock leaves in its wake; a pill that prevents sunburn could be available in as little as five years, according to British scientists. The…

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