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Pop-Up T-Shirt Factory Helps Consumers Reconnect With Their Clothes

As one of the most basic items of clothing at our disposal, the T-shirt rarely generates attention. But what does it really take to make the humble garment? Central Leeds shoppers got a…

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Laundry Additive Could Turn Clothes into Mobile Air Purifiers

You don’t need to wear the world’s first air-purifying dress to breathe a little easier Catalytic Clothing’s Helen Storey and Tony Ryan are proposing a liquid laundry…

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Duchess of Cambridge is a "Great Role Model" for Dressing Sustainably

Photo by Shaun Jeffers/Shutterstock “She often re-wears the same items and shows how you can make the same dress look like a new outfit just by changing accessories. She even…

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"Plastic is Precious" Provokes Consumers Into Rethinking Plastic Bags

Few would quibble over the plastic bag’s marginalization over the years. The ubiquitous carriers siphon off diminishing petroleum reserves, suffocate sea life, clog drains, and…

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Vibrating "Tactile Helmet" Helmet Helps Firefighters Navigate in the Dark

Photo by Shutterstock Firefighters and rescue workers have a lot working against them while battling blazes or searching through rubble. It’s hard to see and hear, plus their…

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