upcycled blankets

Wintervacht Upcycles Discarded Blankets Into Cozy Jackets

COATS OF MANY COLORS Sourcing-wise, Wintervacht is spoiled for choice. “The Netherlands used to have a very big industry of blanket-making,” van Oorsouw said.…

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"Woolly Pedlar" Helps Grieving Families Create Quilts From Old Sweaters

Photo by Simon Greener Old jumpers are being transformed into memory blankets for grieving families by a sensitive seamstress in the north of England. Sue Reed goes by the name of the…

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Refashion an Old Blanket Into a Stylish Poncho (DIY Tutorial)

MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES A blanket or throw you already own Scissors Pencil, fabric chalk, or vanishing-ink marker Sewing machine or needle and thread Embellishments like fringe, pom…

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Denham Turns Vintage Linens, Navy Blankets Into Military-Inspired Parkas

MADE NEW Denham’s designers took their inspiration seriously. After locating two examples of the coat—one at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in California and the other at an annual…

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