upcycled cardboard

Zappos's Redesigned Shoe Box is #NotABox at All

Looks like we haven’t been paying close enough attention. Turns out, Zappos’s signature shoe box isn’t a shoe box at all. From June 1, the online retailer will be…

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"Breadline" Clothing Line Highlights U.K.'s Hidden Hunger Crisis

Have you always tied together your passion for fashion and social causes? My family is very creative, caring, and concerned about people and the environment, which has had a massive…

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Scare Up a Last-Minute Halloween Mask From Cardboard, Tape

FRIGHT NIGHT Procrastinators can also take heart from the ease of assembly—it only takes two to three hours from printing the templates to finish the mask, Wintercroft says. Plus, the…

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Check Out Adidas Originals' 2014 Footwear, Rendered in Cardboard

The Chimp Store won’t be stocking Adidas Originals’ Spring/Summer 2014 collection till January, but that isn’t stopping the Leeds, England-based boutique from giving…

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