upcycled hats

Brut Cake Upcycles Vintage Chinese Fabrics Into One-of-a-Kind Items

Brut Cake is the innovative brand behind these creative ceramics, textiles, and furniture pieces handmade in a Shanghai-based studio using a beautiful array of local and natural…

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Diamond Tooth Taxidermy "Recycles" Dead Animals Into Creepy Wearables

Taxidermy meets haute couture with these creative designs by Beth Beverly. It may sound like a peculiar combination, but the Pennsylvania-based designer has been causing a stir with her…

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FairEnds Turns Deadstock Prints From Ghana Into Colorful Baseball Caps

Hats off to FairEnds for designing a baseball cap that thinks outside of the diamond. Made in Montana in a bevy of unconventional prints, including polka dots and engineer stripes, each…

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Reclaimed-Wool Hats by Bricolagable Support Senior-Dog Rescue

Spring may be coming early this year, according to a certain oracular groundhog, but that doesn’t mean your punim should suffer through brain-freezing temps in the interim. Put a…

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Hats Made From Recycled Basketballs, Soccer Balls For Die-Hard Fans Only

These odd-looking hats, made by photographer and designer Enrique Muda Bull from old basketballs and soccer balls, are probably not the most winsome—or aromatic—of toppers. Then…

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NEW! Sonic Fabric Fedoras Made From Recycled Cassette Tape

Designers Alyce Santoro and Julio Cesar have topped their recycled mix-tape neckties—quite literally—by trying their hands at high-tech millinery. Their old-school fedoras, inspired…

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