upcycled nylon

Levi's is Making Jeans From Discarded Fishing Nets, Used Carpets

Levi’s and Aquafil, an Italian company that recycles waste materials into good-as-virgin nylon fiber, are making beautiful jeans together. First up: A version of Levi’s 522…

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Bureo Debuts Sunglasses Made From 100 Percent Recycled Fishing Nets

SEA CHANGE Designed in collaboration with Karun, an eyewear company based in Chile, all three styles in the “Ocean Collection” comprise 100 percent traceable and recycled…

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European "Healthy Seas" Initiative to Turn Used Fishing Nets Into Socks

Our oceans are full of trash and debris, but now a new consortium of European companies and NGOs have a plan in place to collect that debris and recycle it. Aided by the European Centre…

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