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Top 7 Recycled Fashion Designs of 2013 (Vote for the Most Creative)

We couldn’t include all our refashioned favorites. Drop by our archives for any stories you may have missed…

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Goat & Kettle Recycles Antique Keys Into One-of-a-Kind Rings

Keys are more than tools for unlocking doors. For Justin Marsh of Goat & Kettle, they’re also pieces of Americana that deserve more than a purgatory of dusty drawers. On his…

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Luis Teixeira Recycles Perfume Bottle Caps Into Interchangeable Rings

Photos by Fabrice Ziegler With their often extravagant forms, perfume bottles are collectors’ pieces in their own right. So why throw them away when their aromatic cargo runs dry?…

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"Ring-A-Day" Challenge Yields Kooky, Upcycled Diamonds in the Rough

Photo by Ruby Girl Creations Inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places. Take the Ring-A-Day group pool on Flickr, for instance, a photo set that’s chockfull of…

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