upcycled skateboards

Eqo Optics Recycles Unwanted Skateboards Into Off-the-Hook Sunglasses

Eqo Optics is a small, Colorado-based outfit that transforms battered and broken skateboards into off-the-hook sunglasses. Handmade and finished in the company’s Colorado Springs…

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MuKee Recycles Broken Skateboards Into Edgy Wooden Jewelry

Any skateboarder worth his deck goes through boards faster than bullets slice through butter. Rather than let them go to waste, Denver-based label MuKee transforms castoff boards into…

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7 Upcycled Skateboard Wearables to Deck Yourself In

If you’re raring to rebuild your youthful street cred, but you’re not exactly crusin’ for a bruisin’, take a gander at these statement accessories made from…

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