upcycled toys

Recycle an Animal Figurine Into a Playful Key Chain (DIY Tutorial)

MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES 1 or more key rings 1 or more eye screws 1 or more animal figurines Spray paint (Krylon Short Cuts are great for small projects) Awl STEP ONE Start by placing…

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Turn Sentimental Old Clothes Into One-of-a-Kind Plush "Pop-Its"

If the contents of your closet are more sentimental than serviceable, send them over to Ridder & Clown for rehabilitation, stat. The Netherlands-based design firm turns unwanted…

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Mrs. Jermyn Turns Castoff Men's Shirts Into Adorable Teddy Bears

Give your little one a bit of home to take with them wherever they go with one of these cool teddy bears made from Dad’s old dress shirts. Mrs. Jermyn came up with the idea after…

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