upcycled upholstery

Looptworks Upcycles Alaska Airlines Seat Leather Into Eco-Chic Bags

CARRY ONS Like all Looptworks products, each Alaska Airlines item is handmade, hand-numbered, and backed by a lifetime guarantee. “Looptworks’ collaboration with Alaska Airlines is…

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Angela Mathis Turns Shredded Banknotes Into Textiles, Upholstery

BIG SPENDER As if in anticipation of pearl-clutchers who may regard her choice of medium a tad sacrilegious, Mathis points out that banknotes generally circulate for a period of 18…

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Ford Design Challenge Turns Sustainable Seat Fabrics Into Couture

Ecouterre is a media sponsor of the 2014/15 EcoChic Design Award What does fashion have to do with automobiles? Plenty, if you ask Ford. In the run-up to the finals of the 2014/15…

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Skyebags Upcycles Delta Air Lines Upholstery Into Flight-Worthy Bags

FLYING HIGH Every Skyebag’s story begins in Atlanta, where Delta’s seat covers are first collected. The reclaimed leather then heads to Raleigh, where it’s cleaned…

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Grandt Mason: Upcycled Vegan Shoes, Ethically Made in South Africa

On the cutting edge of vegan footwear, South African atelier, Grandt Mason Originals produces sustainable, unique, handmade designs that promote locally sourced and recycled materials.…

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