upcycled wool

Muji Releases Line of Reclaimed Wool Clothing, Accessories

The Japanese have a term that describes their sense of thrift: mottainai, “don’t let anything go to waste.” It’s a philosophy that Tokyo-based Muji, a clothing…

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Re.Verso: An Italian Luxury Textile Made From Recycled Wool Waste

RE.VERSO \ri-ˈvərs-ō\ n. 1: A traceable, Italian-made luxury textile derived from pre-consumer recycled fibers, primarily wool, and other factory surplus. 2: Part of a collaborative…

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Mayamiko Recycles Italian Fabric Offcuts Into Fair-Trade Clothing

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Most of us are familiar with the expression, but Paola Masperi of Mayamiko brought refreshing new meaning to an arguably tired…

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Patagonia Debuts Upcycled "Truth to Materials" Capsule Line

TRUTH TELLING “Truth to Materials is about discovering the origin of a material and staying as true to that as possible during every step of design and manufacturing,” he…

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Sartoria Makes Cute Undies From Upcycled Cashmere Sweaters

If long johns are overkill in your neck of the hemisphere, look to Sartoria’s adorable woolly undies. Each pair is handmade to order in the Great White North—where people really…

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Reclaimed Wool Short by ASOS is a Cold-Weather Conundrum

Alexa Chung’s doing it. So’s Nicole Ritchie and that chick from The Hills. We’re talking about the winter short, a sartorial oxymoron that young Hollywood has fallen…

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