12-Year-Old Boy Saves 4,000 Pairs of Shoes From the Landfill for Recycling

Twelve year old “Eco” Erek Hansen is putting his best foot forward, and has gone on a one-boy mission to divert thousands of shoes from our landfills. The Ohio kid has been…

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INFOGRAPHIC: How Much Textile Waste Does Halloween Create Each Year?

Photo by Shutterstock More than 170 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this year by decking their yards, their bodies, and even their pets in spooky paraphernalia, according to…

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How Much Money Do Americans Spend on Back-to-School Fashion?

Photo by Shutterstock Is it just us or has back-to-school season become unnecessarily commercialized? American parents are spending an average of $246.10 on clothes and $129.20 on shoes…

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Infographic: What's the Environmental Impact of a T-shirt?

Photo by Shutterstock USAgain is celebrating World Environment Day by getting back to basics—and we do mean basics. The textile-recycling firm has drawn up an infographic that…

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INFOGRAPHIC: How Many Pounds of Textiles Do Americans Trash Every Year?

If making sense of the glut of statistics regarding textile recycling has you clutching your head like a stunned monkey, USAgain is here to help. The textile-recycling firm has…

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