Can Fashion and Sustainability Coexist?

Fashion and sustainability, according to Clara Vuletich, are two fundamentally different things. “Fashion is sexy, addictive, exclusive, and very fast-moving,” began the…

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VIDEO: Five Children From Berlin Ask Fashion Companies for a Job

The same folks who brought us the €2 T-shirt vending machine are back with a new hidden-camera project that exposes the double standards endemic to the fashion industry, specifically,…

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Watch "Designing Change," A Short Film About Suzy Amis Cameron's Red Carpet Green Dress Campaign

Ecouterre presents an exclusive look at Designing Change, a short film that charts the evolution of Suzy Amis Cameron’s Red Carpet Green Dress ethical-fashion initiative from its…

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You Might Reconsider Your Canada Goose Jacket After Watching This

The footage may just be 15 seconds long, but already it’s been viewed more than 17 million times. Its subject? A coyote struggling in a steel trap, a shotgun trained toward its…

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Sia "Frees the Animal" in PETA's Haunting Animal Runway

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants to “free the animal,” and it’s enlisting Sia to do it. The Australian singer’s vocals provide a haunting…

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Cotton Slavery in Uzbekistan, Explained in Two Minutes

Last week in Uzbekistan, hundreds of thousands of people, including children, were forced from their jobs and schools and into the cotton fields, where they’ll spend the next few…

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