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Diana Eng Turns Forgotten Deadstock Beads Into Gorgeous Glass Jewelry

X MARKS THE SPOT Forgotten inventory isn’t uncommon in the Garment District, Eng tells Ecouterre. “When I first started working in the Garment District in 2005, a lot of…

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Ale Bremer Upcycles Castoff Materials to Create Mexican-Flavored Jewelry

LOST AND FOUND Even from a young age, Bremer found inspiration in art. While she intended to study graphic design, a stint in metals at the University of Texas at El Paso convinced her…

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7 Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up a Tired Coat Instantly

COAT CHECK You practically live in your coat during the frostier months, so is it any surprise that even the most winsome of dusters can start to look a little…dingy? Before you…

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Vintage Floral Shoe Clips Add Instant Spring to Your Step

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of taking something you already own and sprucing it up so it becomes the hottest new thing in your wardrobe. And if you’ve been…

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