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Kin-Tsugi Goods Upcycles Vintage Garments Into Wearable Art

For stylist-turned-designer Mai-Lei Pecorari, “make do and mend” isn’t just an exhortation, it’s a way of life. Her clothing line, Kin-tsugi Goods, revels in…

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Upshift Swap Shop Ships Gently Used Clothing to Your Door

Photo by Shutterstock Sustainable shoppers in Madison, Wisconsin have enjoyed trading in quality clothing at Upshift, but soon swap savvy shoppers across the country will be able to…

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First U.S. Global Fashion Exchange Wants You to Swap Till You Drop

Get ready to swap till you drop, America, because the Global Fashion Exchange is in town. Founded in 2013 by the Danish Fashion Institute, whose inaugural event at Copenhagen Fashion…

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Sentimental Value: New Exhibit Explores the Stories Behind Used Clothing

Photo by Shutterstock Do you care about connecting with your clothing or would you rather wear it without a second thought?  Most people would say the latter. In fact, when it comes to…

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Australian Wordsmiths Trade Letter-Writing For Hand-Me-Down Clothing

Photo by mereteveian Don’t believe the rumors. The art of letter-writing is alive and well and living in Victoria, Australia, where two stand-in scribes will pen missives in your…

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