vintage jewelry

Upcycle Vintage Jewelry Into a Ladylike Camera Strap (DIY Tutorial)

MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES Old purse strap with a swivel clasp on each end Vintage necklace Vintage brooch Jump ring (or other jewelry clasps as needed for your necklace…

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Say Your Name With Foamy Wader's Engraved Vintage Brass Necklaces

You don’t have to invite comparisons to a certain Mademoiselle Bradshaw to sport a name necklace of your own. (We get it, you’re a leader, not a follower.) Foamy…

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Knit Wit: Liana Kabel Recycles Vintage Knitting Needles into Eye-Popping Jewelry

Australian designer Liana Kabel’s career trajectory should have come as a surprise to no one. The product of a jeweler father and a Tupperware Lady mother, Kabel quickly found…

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