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Drinking From Water Bottles Can Cause Premature Wrinkles, Experts Warn

Photo by Shutterstock Did you ever think that drinking water can cause wrinkles? Experts are issuing a warning that drinking from water bottles could be the cause of unsightly premature…

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PackH2O: A Collapsible Backpack for Transporting Water in the Third World

WATER-BEARERS Greif claims that WaterWear is the world’s first purposed-designed water-transport product that is economically viable for both developing economies and… …

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Nau, Klean Kanteen’s Reusable Water Bottle Eliminates Paint, Plastic

Two of our favorite brands demonstrate that it’s not so much what you put in, but what you leave out that makes a product. Case in point? Nau and Klean Kanteen’s new…

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Toast World Water Day With an Adidas by Stella McCartney Reusable Bottle


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Vivienne Westwood Collaborates With SIGG on Reusable Water Bottle

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD x SIGG Few palate cleansers are as refreshing as plain ol’ H2O, so perhaps that’s what legendary designer Vivienne Westwood had in mind when she designed a…

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