water footprint

U.K Clothing Industry Commits to Measure, Report Environmental Impact

Two dozen of Britain’s leading apparel retailers, charity shops, and clothing recyclers have pledged to measure and report the waste, water, and carbon footprints of their wares,…

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African-Made Cotton Has Smaller Ecological Footprint, Says New Study

Your car and home aren’t the only sources of greenhouse-gas emissions. Clothing has an ecological footprint of its own, as well. But African-grown cotton might have a considerably…

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Clothing Among Top Culprits of High Household Water Usage, Says Study

Buy all the water-efficient appliances you want; a household’s indirect water usage, embodied in the consumption of goods and services, is far more significant, according to a…

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Patagonia Tackles Fashion's Water Footprint With New Initiative

Patagonia is launching “Our Common Waters,” a two-year campaign that focuses on the impending freshwater crisis we’re facing. Besides highlighting the urgency of…

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