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Levi's is Open-Sourcing Its Water-Saving "Water<Less" Process

On World Water Day, Levi’s made a bold move. Borrowing a page from the tech industry, the denim giant went public with its “Water<Less” process—the same…

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Levi's "Comes Clean" About the Environmental Impact of Its Jeans

Levi Strauss holds one truth to be self-evident: jeans are one heckuva thirsty animal. In a new report on Tuesday, the denim giant unveiled the results of its latest product life-cycle…

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Levi's Employees Worldwide Pledge to Wear Same Pair of Jeans All Week

In honor of World Water Day, Levi’s employees across the globe are taking the plunge: by pledging to wear the same pair of jeans or khakis every day for a week without washing it…

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7 Water-Saving Innovations Employed by the Garment Industry

AIRDYE Simply put, AirDye technology adds color to textiles sans the wet stuff. The patented process system adds PVC-free inks to a paper carrier, then heat-transfers the dyes from the…

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Help Levi’s “Unlock” 200 Million Liters of Clean Water With WaterTank Game

All the world’s no longer a stage. It’s just a very, very big game. Levi’s is leveraging our yen for unlocking badges, scanning codes, and checking in to raise…

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Levi's Debuts "Water<Less" Jeans That Use Up to 96% Less Water

The everyday pair of dungarees is one thirsty beast, tanking up on roughly 42 liters of water during the finishing process alone. Not so with Levi Strauss’s new Water<Less…

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