waterproof textiles

Organotex: Eco-Friendly Fabric Treatment That Repels Water Like a Plant

ORGANOTEX \ôrɡən ō teks\ n. 1 a: A biodegradable, breathable, and fluorocarbon-free fabric treatment that mimics a plant’s ability to repel moisture. b: Uses a system of…

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UC Davis Scientists Develop Waterproof Fabric That Drains Away Sweat

Photo by Shutterstock Summer heat waves are around the corner, and so to are baskets of sweaty, smelly laundry. Scientists at UC Davis have invented a fabric that may help to combat the…

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Lotus Fabric: A Natural, Waste-Free Alternative to Waterproof Synthetics

Photo by Samatoa LOTUS FABRIC \lōtəs ˈfabrik\ n 1 a: Hand-woven Cambodian/Burmese textile derived from the discarded stems of the lotus plant (Nelumbo nucifera), an aquatic…

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Scandinavian Scientists Develop Textile That Repairs Its Own Rips, Tears

No need to throw away an old raincoat because a tiny rip or hole. Scandinavian researchers are fabricating a textile coating that automatically seals tears on the surface of waterproof…

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