wearable plants

This Sprout-Covered Vest is a Chia Pet You Can Wear

BETTER TOGETHER To create her vest, Esponette laid out cut pieces of muslin on a foam mannequin that she saturated with water. She then planted the chia seeds, which germinated into…

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Pollution-Fighting "Plant Backpack" Provides Instant Fresh Air

Photo by Shutterstock Fresh air on demand? That’s the idea behind the “plant backpack,” an out-of-the-box concept that could replace flimsy paper masks in the fight…

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David Catá Turns His Palm Into a Foliage-Containing Planter

Most people can’t stand the idea of pain. Then again, David Catá isn’t like most people. The Spanish artist, who once embroidered portraits of his loved ones into the palm…

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Nicole Dextras Turns Foliage Into Compostable "Little Green Dresses"

Dextras expertly weaves palms and leaves to create gorgeous bodices. Bark pieces are stitched together to form pencil skirts, while wild grasses jut into full skirts on others. Berries…

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