wearable sensors

At U.S. Open, Ralph Lauren's "Polo Tech" Shirt Monitors Wearer's Vitals

TENNIS, ANYONE? The form-fitting shirt features Ralph Lauren’s distinctive polo player—in bright yellow, no less—on its chest. Less visible are the silver-coated conductive…

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Nail Salons of the Future Will Offer Wearable-Tech Manicures

No need to strap a smart watch on your wrist to track activity when you can embed all the necessary sensors on your nails. Integrated into you body, wearable tech nail devices could…

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Bandaid-Like Stick-On Circuit Board Turns Your Body Into a Gadget

Tattoo circuit boards are now one step closer to reality with the development of this stick-on, flexible circuit board. All the electronics are integrated into a stretchy and pliable…

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EPA, NIH Award $100K to Conscious Clothing's Wearable Pollution Monitor

Most cities and towns monitor their air quality, but it’s usually only in a few spots and doesn’t alert us to dangerous locations where pollution may be higher. Wanting to…

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Color-Changing Glove Alerts Wearer to Presence of Invisible Toxins

Come in contact with toxic substances while working in a lab and you’ll literally be caught red handed (or blue in this case). New gloves are being developed now at the Fraunhofer…

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Under Armour's Biometric Compression Shirt Tracks, Broadcasts Athletic Performance (Video)

Sports fans will soon be logging more than player statistics during a game. Under Armour and Zephyr Technology have teamed up to create sensor-equipped compression shirt that measures…

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