The Wool Runners: "No Sock, No Smell" Sneakers Made From Wool

For all eco-conscious runners out there here is a fantastic invention that will help keep your hard-worn sneakers odor-free. Introducing Wool Runners, strong shoe upper designs created…

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3D-Printed Exoskeleton Could Change the Future of Fixing Broken Bones

As it stands now when you break a bone, a technician wraps your limb in plaster – it’s cheap, moldable to your limb and hard to take off, which means you’re stuck in…

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NZ Designer Samantha Murray Turns Fruit-Scented Liquids Into Couture

CANDYLAND Getting a solution to behave like a solid wasn’t easy, of course. After researching the spray-on fabric Fabrican, Murray invented her own “low-tech” version…

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