wind power

New "Hybrid Energy" Fabric Converts Sunlight, Movement Into Electricity

“Power dressing” no longer means what you think it means. Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a fabric that will not only keep you clothed but…

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Kolon Sport's Survival "Life Tech" Jacket Includes Wearable Wind Turbine

Headed out on an extreme adventure, you’ll want to be outfitted with latest and greatest in jackets to protect you from the elements. The Life Tech Jacket designed by Seymourowell…

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Chanel Lines Runway With Wind Turbines, Solar Panels at Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week

Karl Lagerfeld might have renewable energy on the brain. (Or not. It’s hard to tell with a man who once shipped a 265-ton iceberg from Sweden as a runway centerpiece.) For his…

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PACT Launches Organic Cotton Men's Socks, Made With Wind Power

First undies, then T-shirts, now socks—is PACT on a mission to clothe every inch of our bodies in its cause-related wares? Not that we’re complaining: The label’s…

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Generate Your Own Electricity With the Dandelion Wearable Windmill

As far as wearable technologies go, the Dandelion portable windmill is more than a load of hot air. Designed by Mary Huang and Jennifer Kay—and constructed using 99 percent reclaimed…

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