women’s rights

Eliza Bennett Embroiders Her Flesh as a Statement on "Women's Work"

Textile manipulation, embroidery, and ornamental decoration have long been seen as residing within the realm of the private feminine. Backbreaking and dirty manual labor is…

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Hand & Cloth's Recycled Quilts Offer Bangladeshi Women a Fair Living

These beautiful quilts are not only exquisite fabrics, but they have a social conscience. Hand & Cloth is a fantastic social enterprise that helps local women in Bangladesh who…

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Stella McCartney Designs Virtual Badge to Protest Violence Against Women

Stella McCartney has designed a virtual badge to help raise awareness about violence against women. The symbol, a white ribbon rendered in gold, will feature prominently in a two-week…

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Walmart, Target, Hanes, Macy's Linked to Jordan "Rape Factory"

Photo by carool Some of the biggest names in American retail have been linked to a Jordanian garment factory that allegedly rapes, tortures, and abuses its female workers, according to…

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