wood accessories

Tesler + Mendelovitch's Geometric Purses Are Made of 100 Percent Wood

These stunning wooden clutch bags come from Tesler + Mendelovitch who make sure all of the wood they use is sourced from sustainably managed forests across the globe. The team behind…

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Ukrainian Carpenter Carves Functioning Watches Entirely From Wood

Danevych’s amazing idea took time to take shape. The carpenter – who comes from a family of craftsmen – had no watchmaking training at all, but after studying the…

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Gustav Reyes’ Natural Wood Bracelets, Rings Are Wearable Sculptures

Gustav Reyes is a wood whisperer. The Chicago-based designer mines old bass violins, castoff Little League baseballs bats, even the keys of an abandoned xylophone for maple, walnut, and…

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Buy a WeWood Watch, Plant a Tree With American Forests

You’re no superstitious kook, but there’s no harm in occasionally knocking on wood, especially if it could keep you from being unfashionably late to an important…

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