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H&M "Dramatically" Lagging Behind in Bangladesh Fire, Safety Repairs

Photo by Toni Genes/Shutterstock Two years after the deadliest industrial disaster in the history of apparel manufacturing, H&M is “dramatically” lagging behind on…

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H&M's Helena Helmersson: Fashion Can Be Cheap and Ethical

If there’s a disconnect between its mission to sell cheaply priced clothing and its quest to improve working conditions and the environment, H&M isn’t seeing it. The…

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U.K. Students Activists Strip Naked to Protest Sweatshop Clothing

Students across the UK are taking it all off- in support of workers’ rights. In a protest against unfair conditions in sweatshops, British students are banding together, and making a…

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Did JCPenney Renege on Promise to Compensate Bangladesh Factory Fire Victims?

Photo by Reuters JCPenney has allegedly backed out of negotiations to compensate the families of victims killed at a Bangladesh factory fire in December, according to the International…

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