World War II

How to Mend and Darn Clothing, World War II-Style

MRS. SEW AND SEW SAYS On darning holes and tears Do not wait for holes to develop. It is better to darn as soon as garments begin to wear thin. Imitate, as well as possible, the texture…

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Make Slippers for the Whole Family, World War II-Style

At the height of clothes rationing during World War II, U.K. civilians were introduced to Mrs. Sew-and-Sew, a fictional character cooked up by the British Board of Trade to promote the…

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Should We Bring Back Clothes Rationing?

It’s been 70 years since living with less was viewed as one’s patriotic duty. But then it was a different time: the Axis and Allies were duking it out across Europe and…

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VIDEO: Make Do and Mend, World War II-Style

“Make do and mend” was an oft-repeated mantra in 1940s Britain, when manufactured commodities were in scant supply and clothes rationing became a vital part of the British…

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