Squid-Inspired Fabrics Repair Themselves, Neutralize Toxins

Photo by Scubagirl85/Wikimedia Commons Researchers at Pennsylvania State University have developed a way for fabrics to repair themselves with just a little pressure and warm water. The…

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Your Next Patagonia Jacket Could Comprise Yeast-Engineered Silk

Looks like The North Face isn’t the only outdoor-apparel brand toying with the idea of synthetic spider silk. Patagonia has just inked a deal with Bay Area startup Bolt Threads to…

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Faux "Leather" Made From Fermented Tea Could Revolutionize Fashion

TEA TIME These “green-tea based cellulose fiber mats” could soon be a viable alternative to materials derived from nonrenewable sources, Lee said. And because the fibers are…

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Top 7 Wearable Technology Innovations of 2015 (Vote for the Coolest!)

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Yeast-Engineered Silk Could Result in "Stronger Than Steel" Clothes

A Bay Area startup is giving spiders and silkworms a run for their money. Bolt Threads, which announced a new $40 million round funding on Thursday, has developed a synthetic,…

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