New Campaign Calls Out "Hypocrisy" of Toxic Yoga-Apparel Brands

In “Gandhi Does Yoga,” a tongue-in-cheek video by College Humor, ol’ Mahatma himself rises from the dead to visit the “world’s least Hindu gym.” The…

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Süga: Yoga Mats Made From 100 Percent Recycled Wetsuits

If you want to feel that you are investing in sustainability as you practice your sun salutations, you need to know about Süga. This California based company offers ultra durable yoga…

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Russell Simmons Wants Lululemon to Stop Using Down Feathers

Photo by s_bukley/Shutterstock Hip-hop entrepreneur and yoga fanatic Russell Simmons has written an open letter to yoga clothing retailer Lululemon on behalf of PETA. In his plea,…

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Electricfoxy's High-Tech "Move" Tank Top Functions Like a Personal Trainer

THE RIGHT MOVES Move features four stretch-and-bend sensors in the front, back, and sides of the garment, along with haptic-feedback components located in the hips and shoulders. If…

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Creem Offers Eco-Friendly Activewear for the New Yorker on the Move

Photos by Aki Baker As much as we adore the drama of larger-than-life ensembles (hello, Ada Zanditon!), we’re not about to don giant metallic epaulets for a Sunday coffee klatch…

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