Yves Behar

Yves Béhar Creates New Brand Image, Eco-Friendly Packaging for Nivea

After more than a century of pampering other people’s faces, Nivea is getting a makeover of its own. The German skincare brand tapped Swiss designer Yves Béhar, founder of…

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Jawbone's "Up": An App-Powered Wristband That Promotes Healthy Living

Minding your health is hard work. If you can’t figure out how to eat better, when to exercise, or whether you need to hit the hay sooner rather than later, well, there’s an…

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PETA's Pulpy Projectiles, Soul-Deadening Knockoffs, DIY Newspaper Yarn

We despise killing for fur as much as the next warm-blooded mammal, but training our young’uns to pelt rotten tomatoes at pelt-wearers seems a little silly—and illegal. (Ethical…

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Yves Béhar’s DIY Spectacles Help Mexican Students See, Learn Better

We have a lingering suspicion that Yves Béhar is more wizard than designer. After conjuring up the much-heralded $100 child’s laptop in 2006, the Fuseproject founder whipped up a…

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GIVEAWAY: PACT Organic Cotton Undies for Eco-Lovers (Worth $42!)

Wondering what to get for your hunny this Valentine’s Day? Well, nothing hints at romance quite like a pair of red-hot eco-undies—it’s like a come-hither look in a box!…

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Save the World with Your Underwear: Yves Behar Launches PACT

It’s a testament to the importance of eco-fashion to the world when big design names get involved. That’s why we’re so excited that sustainable apparel brand PACT has…

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