Zeal Optics

7 Eco-Friendly Sunglasses Made From Unexpected Materials

VINYL RECORDS Vinylize’s line of recycled-LP eyewear is still handcrafted in Budapest, where the first pair was constructed from salvaged Communist vinyl more than 10 years ago.…

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Zeal Optics Unveils World's First Biodegradable Sunglass Made With Cotton

Colorado-based Zeal Optics has just unveiled what it considers the world’s first truly biodegradable sunglasses. The Ace is its new frame made from a cotton-based resin that can…

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Zeal Optics Launches “Transcend,” World’s First GPS-Enabled Snow Goggles

Hitting the slopes? Zeal Optics’ Transcend, the world’s first GPS-enabled snow goggles, will point you in the right direction. Designed for skiers and snowboarders to track…

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